vintage sesame street

So this is how the astrobiology seeds were sown in my developing brain 20 or so years ago. i find it highly unlikely that an advanced visiting species would not know what a telephone was, or read from a book directly; i'll forgive the scriptwriters for sacrificing some accuracy and intergalactic political correctness for clarity (of new and different cultures):


a red fox

acrylic on canvas. 11" x 14".


secret santa gift

(it's a flask)


via sister's computer, san antonio, tx

There is a skill set necessary for successful navigation of the diversve hills, major circles, and traffic of san antonio. And yes, it can be forgotten.



I'm going to start carrying around a small pad of paper and a pen. The pen will be for graffiti, but also for writing down quotable exchanges as they happen. I am toying with the idea of buying an audio recorder, too. Here's one I hazily remember from friday:

On train, MGH to Harvard:

Unstable man to woman: "Is that your boyfriend?"
Girl with boyfriend: "Yes"
Unstable man to woman: "How long does a human being live?"
Girl with boyfriend: "I don't know"
Unstable man to woman: "Just give me a number ok, whatever, just say a number."
Girl with boyfriend: "75"
Unstable man to woman: "How you expect a man to be with ONE girl for 75 years!"


computer program of MGH elevators

1. If service button is ON, open doors, wait for 2. unless 3.
2. If floor button is ON, go to indicated destination
3. < 3/4 elevators are idle on floor